How To Use Herbal Tinctures

How To Use Herbal Tinctures

You should always consult your healthcare provider to ensure any herbal remedy is right for you before using.


Many herbs can be taken orally via a tincture. Most people prefer to take tinctures by placing their dose under the tongue and waiting around 20 to 30 seconds before swallowing. The thin membrane underneath your tongue allows the herbal compounds to get into your bloodstream quicker; usually within 10 to 15 minutes.



Because of standard medicine (especially in the U.S.) many people are misinformed about how herbal remedies will work. Biological creatures are not machines, nor do they come in the same size, shape, or with identical issues. Because of this no reputable tincture company can recommend the perfect dose for your body or specific ailment. You should work closely with a healthcare provider to determine the appropriate dose for the specific benefit you are seeking. Starting with a small 1-quarter to 1-half dropper dose and working your way up until you've received the proper doseage.


If you're using a tincutre that isn't meant for oral ingestion, you can utilize the same titeration starting from a small dose and working up along with your heathcare provider's supervision to receive the saught after benefit.