Sacred Plant Co

Welcome to Sacred Plant Co - the home of extraordinary herbs, meticulously cultivated in the heart of Glade Park, Colorado. We are more than a world-class herb farm; we are a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom, modern science, and a deep respect for nature.

Nestled in the bountiful beauty of the Colorado mountains, Sacred Plant Co is an oasis of unique herb cultivation. Our location, enriched by the pristine environment and the refreshing mountain air, provides an optimal backdrop for growing the most exceptional herbs on the planet.

Our Revolutionary Growing Techniques combined with our central philosophy and commitment to sustainability and responsible stewardship of our land make us who we are. We integrate low-water-use practices and sustainable farming methods to ensure our operations have a minimal ecological footprint, conserving our precious water resources and protecting our local environment.

We have harnessed the power of Korean Natural Farming (KNF), an ancient yet innovative farming technique that promotes a thriving soil ecosystem. This approach nurtures the beneficialmicroorganisms in our soil, maximizing nutrient availability for our herbs while using significantly less water than conventional farming methods.

Our reverence for Mother Nature extends to our appreciation of 'Terroir' – the unique properties that our local geography, geology, and climate impart to our herbs. By capitalizing on the unique terroir of Glade Park, we cultivate herbs with unparalleled flavor, potent aromas, and enriched nutritional content.

Our Exceptional Herbs

At Sacred Plant Co, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of herbs, each cultivated with unwavering dedication and meticulous care. From timeless favorites like basil and dill to exotic novelties such as holy basil and feverfew, our herbs stand as a testament to our passion for nature's abundant gifts.

Our Commitment to Our Community

Beyond cultivating exceptional herbs, we strive to build a community of nature enthusiasts and plant lovers. We believe in sharing our passion for sustainable farming, enlightening others about the power of sustainable agriculture, and nurturing our relationship with each of our customers.

Join us on this remarkable journey into the world of herbs, where every plant tells a story of harmony, sustainability, and respect for our planet. Taste the difference of herbs grown with love, care, and reverence for nature. Experience the Sacred Plant Co difference today.

Welcome to our family.