Grow Broadleaf Sage From Seeds

Grow Broadleaf Sage From Seeds

Broadleaf Sage is a popular shrubby perennial with broad silvery leaves and tiny lavender flowers. The leaves have a tempting aroma and savory flavor and were traditionally used as a poultry stuffing and meat seasoning.


Sage grows in the wild in the Mediterranean regions and Asia Minor. Its Latin name comes from the word "salvere," which means to save or heal; this herb traditionally symbolizes good health and long life. Roman cultures, considering sage a sacred plant, followed a special ceremony for its harvest

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How to Grow Broadleaf Sage from Seed


# 1 | Start sage indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring. Sow your broadleaf Sage seeds just below the surface of the soil, and keep the soil at a temperature near 65-70 degrees F. You don't want to over water your sage so keep the soil lightly moist with a spray bottle. Your sage should germinate in 18-21 days. Sage has a naturally low germination rate.


# 2 | Transplant your sage after the last spring frost in light, well drained soil and into a space with full sun. Space your sage plants 12-15" apart.


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