Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) for Plants

Live Arrival Guarantee (LAG) for Plants

At Sacred Plant Co, we are passionate about plants and are committed to delivering the healthiest specimens to our cherished customers. We understand that plants are living entities, and they don't particularly enjoy being uprooted, enclosed in a box, and journeying across the country. Consequently, when your plants arrive, they may not look their best. However, with some tender loving care, patience, and the right conditions, they'll be vibrant and thriving in no time!

Terms of the Guarantee:

Our guarantee ensures that any plant purchased from Sacred Plant Co arrives to you alive. If a plant arrives dead our guarantee comes into effect.

If you suspect your plant hasn't survived the journey, please take
clear photographs of the plant and its packaging within 24 hours of the tracking being marked as delivered. These images will aid us in
understanding what went wrong and how we can improve.

Kindly notify us via email at with the attached photographic evidence within 24 hours of your plant's arrival. Please note if you've experienced an issue, this wasn't our intention, and we'll still expect that you can be kind in your communication.

After reviewing the evidence, we will either offer a replacement
(subject to availability) or a full refund for the purchase price of the
compromised plant. Please note that shipping fees are not included in the refund unless the damage was a direct consequence of an error on our part.

This guarantee does not cover plants compromised due to post-delivery mishandling, neglect, or unforeseen weather conditions during transit which are beyond our control.

Each order qualifies for a one-time replacement or refund under this
guarantee. We might request the return of the damaged plant, and if so, this will be at our expense.

Plant Care Tips Upon Arrival:

Immediately upon receiving your plant, open the package and inspect its condition.

Familiarize yourself with the care instructions provided. It's crucial for helping your plant acclimate to its new environment.

Thank you for trusting in Sacred Plant Co. We are committed to ensuring that your green companions make the journey to your home safely and successfully.

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