Why We Aren't Organic

At Sacred Plant Co, we uphold transparency and integrity in our farming practices, which is why we have made a conscious decision not to pursue organic certification for our herbs. While organic farming is often regarded as a desirable choice, there are important considerations to take into account.

One significant factor that influenced our decision is the substantial cost associated with organic certification. The process requires extensive paperwork, inspections, and fees, which can be prohibitive, for smaller farms like ours. Instead of allocating resources towards certification, we prioritize investing in regenerative farming practices that foster the long-term health of our soil and ensure the exceptional quality of our herbs.

Additionally, it is crucial to note that organic farms are allowed to use certain chemicals like glyphosate, petroleum and chlorine. While these substances may be approved for organic farming, they do not align with our commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices. At Sacred Plant Co, we firmly believe in cultivating herbs without relying on synthetic chemicals, striving to create a farming environment that thrives through natural principles.

We recognize that there can be a discrepancy between what people may perceive they are buying when choosing organic products and what they actually receive. While organic certification sets certain standards for farming practices, it is important to consider the broader context.

Firstly, organic certification does not guarantee the highest level of soil health or the exceptional quality of the final product. Organic farms still face challenges in maintaining optimal soil fertility and nutrient balance, which can impact the overall quality and potency of the herbs.

Additionally, there may be variations in the interpretation and enforcement of organic standards across different regions and certifying bodies. This can lead to inconsistencies in the quality and integrity of organic products, as well as potential loopholes that allow the use of certain synthetic substances under specific circumstances.

Our focus lies in prioritizing regenerative farming techniques and the use of our Korean Natural Farming (KNF) methods. By incorporating organic matter, beneficial microorganisms, and balanced nutrients, we nourish the soil and enhance its natural fertility and resilience. We concentrate on restoring and revitalizing the soil ecosystem, rather than relying on external certifications.

We want to assure you that, despite not being certified organic, the herbs we grow are cultivated with utmost care and dedication to quality. We surpass conventional organic practices, ensuring that our farming methods are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and yield exceptional herbs.

By choosing Sacred Plant Co, you can trust that our commitment to regenerative farming practices is the foundation of all we do. We invite you to explore our meticulously cultivated herbs, each embodying our dedication to sustainable farming and exceptional quality.

Join us in embracing a new standard of herb cultivation rooted not in expensive certifications, but in holistic practices, prioritizing the health of our soil and the well-being of our planet.

Vibrant image of red clover in full bloom, adding a splash of color to our Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm
A striking photograph of Sacred Plant Co's robust yarrow thriving at our Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm
Serene image of blooming chamomile under the clear Colorado sky, a highlight of our Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm
Eye-catching image of robust radishes ripe for harvest, showcasing the fresh produce of our Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm

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