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Welcome to Sacred Plant Co, your premier destination for 'The Most Exceptional Herbs on Planet Earth'. Our dedication to offering the highest quality bulk dried herbs has made us a sought-after choice for tea shops, apothecaries, and herb stores seeking wholesale options.

We understand that finding a reliable source for wholesale herbs can be challenging, and we are here to meet that need with our unparalleled selection. However, due to the exceptional demand for our premium herbs, we operate on a selective partnership basis. This ensures that we maintain the quality and service standards that our partners expect and deserve.

To manage this high demand effectively, we have introduced a waitlist system for our wholesale program. Joining our waitlist is the most efficient way to gain access to our sought-after herbs. By signing up, you ensure your place in the queue to become part of the exclusive Sacred Plant Co family when new slots become available.

We encourage you to register on our waitlist today. This is not just a step towards securing a supply of superior herbs for your business but also an opportunity to join a community that values quality and excellence in herbal products.

Thank you for considering Sacred Plant Co as your wholesale herb provider. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you and supporting your business with our exceptional herbal offerings.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

  • I had the wonderful experience of receiving the Sacred Plant Co herbs myself. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my first order. The herbs have excellent colors and aromas, the packaging is very special. Indeed your company name is fitting, that was how the herbs felt upon arrival, and processing - Sacred. I thank you.

    JoAnna - Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • We are so excited to have found Sacred Plant Co, and are in awe of their incredible selection of offerings. What is even more inspiring is the beautiful-hearted team behind the scenes, who are truly making our world a better place.

    Mary - The Pale Blue Dot Shop
  • The herbs arrived today and I'm very happy with the quality of them. We will definitely be ordering again. I'm also impressed with how quickly they arrived. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Anna - Anna’s Apothecary
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A charming herb and tea shop with shelves filled with a delightful assortment of herbs, prominently featuring the renowned herbs from Sacred Plant Co, known for their exceptional quality.
A lush field of thriving herbs, illustrating the source of our high-quality wholesale products, cultivated with care on our sustainable farm.
Assorted spoons with a variety of vibrant dried herbs, representing the diverse selection available for wholesale purchase from Sacred Plant Co.
A bag adorned with the Sacred Plant Co logo, brimming with aromatic and carefully harvested herbs, ready to be shared and enjoyed.

From Our Soil to Your Shop: Unmatched Quality, Unrivaled Freshness

Sacred Plant Co's Farm-To-Shop herbs.

A vast, vibrant alfalfa field cultivated by Sacred Plant Co, showcasing the dedication to nurturing nutritious and sustainable crops.
A breathtaking sunset, painted with hues of gold and purple, evoking the serene ambiance that surrounds Sacred Plant Co's commitment to the harmonious cultivation of exceptional herbs.
A natural scene of a goose weeding on Sacred Plant Co's part of Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm, contrasting with the large industrial tractor, showcasing our commitment to sustainable farming practices
The graceful Marshmallow plant in full bloom, embodying the natural beauty and botanical wonders found within the Sacred Plant Co collection.

The Best Soil Makes The Best Herbs: Unmatched Quality, Unrivaled Freshness in Dried Herbs

As a leading provider of wholesale dried herbs, we promise to deliver
unmatched quality and unrivaled freshness straight from our soil to your shop.

The Purity of Our Soil, The Quality of Our Herbs

Our dried herbs begin their journey in the nutrient-rich soil of our
sustainable farms. Grown with care and harvested at the optimal moment, our herbs are naturally dried to retain their potent flavor and beneficial properties. This commitment to quality makes our wholesale dried herbs stand out in your retail store.

Unrivaled Freshness, Unmatched Aroma

Freshness is paramount when it comes to dried herbs, affecting both their aroma and their potency. We have honed an efficient supply chain that minimizes time between harvesting, drying, and delivery, guaranteeing that our herbs reach your shop in their prime. This ensures a powerful, unrivaled freshness that your customers will appreciate.

Integrity in Every Leaf

With Sacred Plant Co, you're partnering with a brand that puts integrity first. We are fully transparent about our growing, practices and we are proud to have the University back lab tests to prove our commitment to the land, and to our herbs.

Discover Our Wholesale Dried Herbs

Explore our diverse range of wholesale dried herbs, every herb we offer embodies our commitment to unmatched quality and unrivaled freshness. Join us in our mission to bring the finest dried herbs from our soil to your shop.

When you choose Sacred Plant Co as your wholesale partner, you're selecting a team dedicated to delivering the best-dried herbs, swiftly and effectively. Reach out to us today, and together we can fill your shop with unrivaled freshness and unmatched quality, straight from our soil.