Sacred Plant Co Vs the large industrial herb suppliers

A natural scene of a goose weeding on Sacred Plant Co's part of Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm, contrasting with the large industrial tractor, showcasing our commitment to sustainable farming practices

An imposing image of a large industrial tractor, contrasting starkly with our eco-friendly use of geese for weed control at Low Water Colorado Mountain Herb Farm

Are we actually different?

Welcome to Sacred Plant Co, the premier destination for wholesale herbs for anyone seeking products rooted in sustainable and regenerative farming practices. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Fruita, Colorado, our farm stands as a beacon of exceptional herb cultivation, distinct from the practices of large industrial herb companies.

Unlike conventional wholesale herb suppliers who often rely on intensive agricultural methods, at Sacred Plant Co, we prioritize the long-term health of our soil. Large industrial herb farms typically exhaust soil nutrients through the use of chemical fertilizers and monoculture systems. This approach not only degrades the quality of the herbs but also contributes to environmental harm and biodiversity loss.

Our approach at Sacred Plant Co is different. We embrace Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques, part of our Ancient Wisdom line, to ensure the cultivation of top-tier herbs. These practices leverage nature's principles, fostering a symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem and resulting in herbs of unparalleled quality.

Geese and ducks are integral to our farming ecosystem, aiding in weed control, pest management, and soil aeration. This natural collaboration allows us to forego synthetic chemicals, promoting a balanced and sustainable environment. Our water conservation efforts, especially crucial in Colorado's arid climate, involve water-efficient techniques that maintain our herbs' quality while preserving this vital resource.

Our location in Fruita, Colorado, with its pristine air, ample sunlight, and fertile soil, provides an ideal setting for herb cultivation. This serene and picturesque environment ensures our herbs are infused with nature's best qualities.

By choosing Sacred Plant Co as your wholesale herb supplier, you support not just sustainable farming but also our dedication to environmental stewardship. Our carefully cultivated herbs, grown in harmony with nature, offer transformative benefits. Join us in our mission to preserve our planet's balance and indulge in the extraordinary offerings of nature's bounty, delivered through our commitment to ancient wisdom and innovative farming techniques.

Overhead view of Sacred Plant Co's IMPOSSIBLE Farm a Colorado Herb Farm

Welcome to I·M·POSSIBLE Farm

Welcome to I·M·POSSIBLE Farm, a proud extension of Sacred Plant Co, situated in the heart of Colorado. At I·M·POSSIBLE Farm, we are dedicated to the principles of regenerative agriculture, a commitment that is woven into every aspect of our operations.

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