What is Sacred Plant Co?

Sacred Plant Co is a world-class herb farm located in Fruita, Colorado. We grow a wide range of herbs using sustainable and low-water-use practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

What is unique about Sacred Plant Co?

Sacred Plant Co, we blend ancient wisdom with modern science to grow our herbs. We use Korean Natural Farming (KNF) techniques and handcraft our own line of KNF products, named Ancient Wisdom. Our methods have dramatically improved the nutrient content of our soil, leading to the production of superior, 'beyond organic' herbs.

What do you mean by 'beyond organic'?

Beyond organic' means our herbs are not just grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides but also in an ecosystem that enhances the health and biodiversity of our soil. Our herbs are nutrient-dense, flavorful, and offer maximum health benefits.

How do I know your products are of high quality?

Our quality commitment is backed by scientific evidence. We conduct regular soil tests with the Colorado State Soil, Water, and Plant testing lab. Our results show significant improvement in our soil nutrients due to our Ancient Wisdom practices.

Do you grow all of the herbs yourself?

While we grow a wide variety of herbs right here on our farm in Fruita, Colorado, some herbs require a climate that we simply cannot replicate in our location. To ensure that we provide a diverse range of high-quality herbs, we have established partnerships with trusted herb growers located in diverse regions.

Rest assured, whether grown on our farm or sourced from our partners, all herbs we offer adhere to the same rigorous quality standards. This way, we can offer you a diverse range of 'beyond organic' herbs without compromising on the quality that Sacred Plant Co stands for.

Can I visit your farm?

At Sacred Plant Co, we deeply appreciate your enthusiasm to visit and learn more about our operations. However, at the moment, we are not offering tours of our farm. This is one of our most requested items, so we do hope to offer tours in future.

Our head grower, Patrick, who is instrumental in our farm's success, is a deeply passionate herb cultivator with a beautiful connection to nature. He prefers a quiet, introspective environment to focus on his craft, bringing you the high-quality, 'beyond organic' herbs that we are renowned for.

While we understand the curiosity and interest in our farming practices, we kindly request understanding and respect for Patrick's preference for solitude and his undisturbed communion with the land. We assure you that this helps us maintain the high-quality standard of our herbs.

In the meantime, we offer a wealth of information and updates through our website and social media platforms, where you can stay connected with us and learn more about our herbs, our practices, and our passion for sustainable agriculture. Thank you for your understanding.

Can you tell me more about your Ancient Wisdom product line?

Ancient Wisdom is our exclusive line of products inspired by the principles of Korean Natural Farming (KNF). Each product is handcrafted right here on our farm, using methods that blend traditional wisdom with modern scientific understanding.

The primary aim of our Ancient Wisdom products is to enhance the health and biodiversity of our soil. They help nurture beneficial indigenous microorganisms (IMOs), which naturally inhabit and enrich the soil. By promoting these IMOs, our Ancient Wisdom products foster a vibrant soil ecosystem that is the perfect foundation for our herbs.

The use of our handcrafted Ancient Wisdom products allows us to grow herbs that are 'beyond organic'. Our herbs are not only free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides but also nurtured in an environment that boosts the soil's health and biodiversity. As a result, the herbs you get from us are robust, flavor-rich, and packed with nutrients.

In essence, our Ancient Wisdom product line embodies our commitment to nurturing a symbiotic relationship with nature. By caring for our soil, it rewards us with truly exceptional herbs.