Growing a Panama Hat Palm Tree From Seeds

Growing a Panama Hat Palm Tree From Seeds

Once you have your High Quality Panama Hat Palm Seeds you are ready to grow a Panama Hat palm tree.


Growing a Panama Hat Pal Tree From Seeds in 5 Steps


Panama hat plant is a stemless, somewhat palm-like, evergreen plant, producing clusters of large, fan-shaped leaves. The Panama Hat Palm plant is cultivated in South America, especially in Ecuador, for the fiber that is obtained from the leaf stem. The fiber is especially used to make the 'Panama hat.


1. Plant seeds 1/8-1/4 inches deep in a high quality potting soil.


2. Keep soil moderately moist. Re-water only when soil begins to dry on surface.


3. Make sure to keep your seeds in indirect light with a room temperature of 75-85 degrees.


4. Seeds will germinate in 15-25 days.


5. Once plant is 4-5 inches tall you can transplant to larger pot, or outdoors where appropriate.


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