Growing Sweet Acacia Seedlings

Growing Sweet Acacia Seedlings

The quick and convenient guide to growing your sweet acacia trees!

Sweet Acacia Seedling

Growing A Sweet Acacia Tree Seedling

Sweet acacia trees are a beautiful drought tolerant tree that pops with lovely bright yellow sweet smelling flowers in the Spring. Sweet acacia trees are a member of the legume family and actually add nitrogen into the soil surrounding the tree.


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Sweet Acacia Tree Care Tips


When growing sweet acacia trees, you should know that they thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11. Sweet acacia trees are highly tolerant of heat and highly drought resistant once established. Sweet acacia trees thrive in full sun, and are not picky about the soil type as long as it is well draining. Because sweet acacia trees are desert plants regulating the amount of irrigation they get is an important part of ensuring your sweet acacia trees with thrive. If your sweet acacia trees get too much water, they will grow so fast the wood will be weak.


Sweet Acacia Tree Planting Tips

When you receive your seedlings you'll want to place them in water to recover. This usually takes 2-6 hours. Once your plants look like they have recovered. It is time to plant your new sweet acacia seedlings! Prepare the tree’s new site by pre-digging a large hole and testing the area's drainage. If the area is slow to drain, dig planting hole 25% deeper and fill extra 25% with small pebbles or sand. Position the taproot so that it will grow straight down into the soil. Slowly backfill the hole, lightly tamping down the soil to prevent air pockets. Once the hole is filled, water the newly planted honey mesquite tree deeply and thoroughly. Watering with a rooting fertilizer can help reduce transplant shock.

Large Sweet Acacia Seedling

Sweet Acacia Tree

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