How to Care For Your Fig Cutting

How to Care For Your Fig Cutting

Archeologists have found evidence that fig cultivation dates back to 5,000 BC. Starting a fig tree from a cutting is straight forward process that will allow you to successfully grow your own fig tree.

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How To Grow Fig Cuttings


# 1 | Stand your fig cutting upright in a small pot and fill around your fig cutting with soil. Water the pot thoroughly. If your cutting has no leaves place a 2-liter bottle with the bottom cut off over the cuttings to keep them humid.


# 2 | Keep the fig cuttings warm and in a bright light (not direct sun). Don’t water unless the soil becomes very dry.


# 3 | When you see vigorous growth, plant your rooted fig cuttings in larger pots or outdoors if your weather allows. Keep your fig cutting moist for the rest of your warmer seasons.


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