How to Congo Watermelon From Seed!

How to Congo Watermelon From Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your very own Congo Watermelons!


This open-pollinated watermelon variety has one of the highest sugar contents with tests showing 9.5% sugar! Congo watermelon seeds produce big watermelons that are about 27" long x 12" wide and weigh 40 lbs. The rind thick, making this a good shipper, and the flesh is firm, medium-red, and very sweet. It is resistant to AN1, AN2, and AN3, and grows in 95 days.


Growing Congo Watermelon!


# 1 | In cool climates, Congo watermelon seeds should be started indoors, but no sooner than a month before transplanting; plant three seeds per peat pot, 1/4" deep. Gardeners in warm climates will be able to direct sow watermelons as soon as the soil temperature reaches at least 75 degrees F, planting six seeds per hill with 6-8' of space in all directions.


# 2 | Provide heat to keep the soil at least 80-85 degrees F.


# 3 | Cut off all but the strongest seedling as soon as true leaves appear, and transplant about a week after frost


# 4 | Put two or three plants in each hill with a 6-8' space in all directions.


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