How to Grow Birdhouse Gourd from Seed!

How to Grow Birdhouse Gourd from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your birdhouse gourd seeds!


Once properly cured, hard-shelled gourds, such as 'Birdhouse', can last for decades and can be painted, carved, cut, or drilled as you would do with wood, for hundreds of craft projects. 'Birdhouse' gourd of course makes a great birdhouse—leave natural or paint any color you want. Grow 10'–16' vines on the ground or up a very sturdy trellis to produce mature gourds in 80 to 140 days. Also attracts hummingbirds!


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How to Grow Birdhouse Gourd from Seed!


# 1 | In shorter growing seasons, start gourd seeds indoors in peat pots 3-4 weeks before the last frost.


#2 | To speed germination, soak the seeds overnight.


#3 | Plant the seedlings outdoors in rich soil and full sun after the last spring frost.


#4 | For direct sowing, wait until the soil warms to 70 degrees F, then plant 5 seeds per hill, 1" deep, with 5' spacing; later, thin to the strongest plant.


#5 | Keep the soil evenly moist. When the vines begin to develop, either provide a trellis or lay down mulch to keep the gourds from contact with the soil; too much soil contact can weaken the shell, distort the shape, and cause rotting.


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