How to Grow Canton Pak Choi From Seed

How to Grow Canton Pak Choi From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Canton Pak Choi Seeds!


Pak Choi is a Chinese vegetable variety that is grown for a multitude of uses. Also called Chinese Cabbage or Bak Choi. Chinese Pak Choi can be used at many different stages for additions to soups, salads, and meats, and more. The Pak Choi heads have thick, white ribs, and is also called Bok Choy in some locations. It matures in approximately 50 days. Chinese cabbage dates back to the 15th century in China, when a pharmacologist of the Ming Dynasty considered it nutritionally beneficial. Later it became the main ingredient in kim chi, the national dish of Korea; Japanese soldiers also discovered Chinese cabbage and took it home with them after the war. Americans became familiar with this vegetable in the late 19th century.


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How to Grow Chinese Pak Choi from Seed


# 1 | Prepare your soil with compost or organic matter in a spot in your garden that will allow the Pak Choi partial shade.


# 2 | 4-6 weeks before the last average spring frost date, sow the seeds outside in your garden. Pak Choi grows best in temperatures from 45-75 degrees F.


# 3 | Plant the Chinese Cabbage 1/4 inch deep, and about 12 inches apart from eachother in rows.


#4| Keep the soil evenly moist for the healthiest growth. Germination should take place in about 10 days.


#5| Chinese cabbage tends to "bolt" or go to seed in long periods of heat, so keeping shade will be helpful for the Pak Choi.


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