How to Grow Creeping Mother of Thyme From Seed

How to Grow Creeping Mother of Thyme From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Creeping Mother of Thyme from seeds!


Creeping Thyme is a great addition to your garden, on the borders of your herb, flower or vegetable garden! Creeping Thyme is low- growing and spreading with spikes of lavender bloom clusters. Mother of thyme will bloom all summer long, and the foliage is an evergreen in most locations. Mother of Thyme can handle summer heat and winter cold, it can withstand periods of drought, although for best results moderate watering will help.

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How to Grow Creeping Mother of Thyme from Seed


# 1 | Prepare your garden by preparing a seed bed by loosening the soil and weeding it.


# 2 | After any chance of frost has passed, directly sow Creeping Thyme seeds outdoors. Scatter the Seeds over desired area, and with a flat palm, firmly press the seeds into the soil.


# 3 | Keep ground cover consistently moist until seedlings occur. Germination should happen within 14-21 days.


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