How to Grow Crimson Clover From Seed!

How to Grow Crimson Clover From Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your very own Crimson Clover Plant.


Blooming in brilliant red, this popular annual clover adds plenty of color to pasture or meadow. The Crimson Clover also provides excellent forage for grazing animals and nectar for foraging bees and other pollinators.


Growing Crimson Clover Seeds!


# 1 | Direct sow in late fall, planting just below the surface of the soil and compacting the soil well.


# 2 | Keep the soil consistently moist, since moisture is essential for successful germination.


# 3 | Water seedlings regularly until they become established, and control weeds. In order to thrive, this plant must have soil that drains well. It does not do well with either excessive moisture or drought, but adapts well to poor soil.


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