How to Grow Daikon Radish From Seed

How to Grow Daikon Radish From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your daikon radish from seeds!


Fracking Daikon Radish is a deep rooted forage radish that will make an outstanding winter cover crop. The deep taproot of the large rooted plant can help break up the tough, compacted soil, improve water infiltration, suppresses weeds, eliminate pests and stores nitrogen. When planting daikon radish seed as a cover crop, the benefits will be optimized if planted in late summer.

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How to Grow Daikon Radish From Seed


# 1 | Plant daikon a little earlier than other over-wintering cover crops to give it time to grow a thick leaf canopy. Aim for 4-10 weeks before the first frost – late August in cooler climates, early September in warmer ones.


# 2 | Scatter your Daikon Radish seeds over the soil. With a flat hand press the seeds into the moist soil.


# 3 | Radishes do well with consistently moist soil and the addition of organic matter such as compost. Do not allow the soil to dry out, but also avoid overwatering as this can cause splitting.


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