How to Grow Evergreen White Bunching Onions From Seed

How to Grow Evergreen White Bunching Onions From Seed

The quick and convenient step-by-step guide to growing your very own White Bunching Onions!


Evergreen White Bunching is a bulbless variety that produces delicately flavored, leek-like stalks. These plants are hardy and will overwinter for spring bunching. These spring onions can be used for both green bunching and scallions. This variety is slow to bolt and resistant to PR, thrips, and smut. Sacred Plant Co's White Bunching onions can be harvested anywhere from 60 to 120 days.

Allium Fistulosum or Welsh Onions grow in bunches. They typically are planted in spring or fall and prefer cool and warm temperatures. They thrive in average soil. A typical mature height for these onions is approximately 12 inches. The alliums do not produce a bulb. At full size, bunching onions will have long and slender white stalks. Bunching onions can be harvested prior to being fully grown like a chive as well. Many gardeners find success with welsh onions year-round which means you can have a steady green onion harvest.

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How To Grow White Onions From Seeds


# 1 | Since most onions take a few months to mature from seed, gardeners with a short growing season may want to start their green onion seed indoors. Plant the seeds 1/4" deep in a flat 2-3 months before the last frost date; keep the soil moist and at room temperature.


# 2 | When the tops begin to flop over, cut them off to 3" to focus the growing on the roots. Four weeks before the last frost or when the soil reaches at least 50 degrees F, transplant the seedlings 3" apart in rows 12" apart.


# 3 | Thinned onions can be transplanted or used for fresh eating.


Note: For companion planting benefits, plant onions with members of the cabbage family, lettuce, or tomatoes; avoid planting onions with peas or beans.


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