How to Grow Honeydew Melon From Seed

How to Grow Honeydew Melon From Seed

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Green Flesh Honeydew Melon Seeds!


Honeydew is a well-known home garden melon variety that grows about 7 inches in diameter with a small seed cavity inside. Although it takes about 110 days for the honeydew to ripen, the reward is very worth it. Honeydews thrive in heat so they are a great addition for your summer garden.


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How to Grow Honeydew Melon Seeds


# 1 | Start your plants indoors just 2-4 weeks before transplant. Melons must not be planted until the soil temperature has warmed to 70-80 degrees F, so plan accordingly. If you are in a cold environment, you can plant the honeydew, and then cover the soil with plastic wrap to hold the heat in.


# 2 | Sow several seeds 1/2 inch deep in each peat pot, and keep them at 75 degrees F until they germinate (3-4 days)


# 3 | Thin to the strongest plant in each pot by cutting off the others.


#4| Gradually accustom the plants to outdoor temperatures by setting them outside during the day for a few days. Transplant the honeydews outdoors, plant each seedling 4-6 inches apart.


#5| Adequate moisture is crucial as the vines begin to develop, so keep the soil evenly moist.


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