How to Grow Hops From Seed!

How to Grow Hops From Seed!

Hops produce rich, heavily scented, green-golden fruit that is harvested in autumn. The flowers of Humulus lupulus contain the chemicals myrcene, myrcenol, resin, linalool, humulene and tannins, all used extensively in the pharmaceutical industy. Also, another common usage is flavoring for the beer industry. Hops can be very slow to germinate.


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Step by Step How to Grow Hops From Seeds!


# 1 | Cold Stratify your hops seeds for 1-3 months. A good method is to put seeds in an equal amount of moist sand and refrigerate at about 41 degrees F.


#2 | Sow seeds thinly in finely raked, moist soil. Plant about 10 cm (4”) deep with the buds pointing up


#3 | Ideal soil pH: 6.0-7.0. Be sure to train them to twine around a support when they are about 30cm tall (1’), as hops have been known to reach up to 7.5 meters in a year.


#4 | If the hops seeds have not germinated within 1-2 months put them back in the refrigerator and repeat the cycle.


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