How to Grow Indian Gooseberry From Seeds

How to Grow Indian Gooseberry From Seeds

Indian gooseberry is very commonly propagated from seeds because Indian gooseberry seeds germinate reliably and grow quickly.


Your Quick and Easy Guide To Growing Indian Gooseberry Seeds!


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How To Grow Indian Gooseberry In 6 Easy Steps


# 1 | Soak the seeds in a bowl of water overnight.


# 2 | Soak your remaining Indian gooseberry seeds for five minutes in hot water to improve germination. Drain the water and plant your seeds immediately.


# 3 | Use a mixture of half potting soil and half compost for best results. Pour water onto the soil mixture until it feels moderately moist throughout. Sow one Indian gooseberry seed in each pot at a depth of roughly 1/4 inch.


# 4 | Place the pots in a warm area. Use a propagation mat if temperatures drop below 70 F.


# 5 | Check the soil mixture twice daily to ensure it never fully dries out. Water to a 2-inch depth if the soil feels barely moist just beneath the surface. Avoid letting the soil dry out, but also try to avoid making it soggy.


# 6 | Watch for the first seedlings in 25-30 days although some seeds may take up to 90 days to germinate. Remove the propagation mat once the seeds germinate. Grow your Indian gooseberry seedlings under dappled shade for their first summer with one to two inches of water each week. Slowly acclimate them to stronger sunlight in late summer. Transplant them into a permanent bed or planter in autumn.