How to Grow Lemon Cucumbers

How to Grow Lemon Cucumbers

The quick and convenient step-by-step guide to growing your Lemon Cucumber Seeds!


Lemon Cucumbers are easy to grow. These uniquely round cucumbers will grow to the size of a baseball but are extra tender and extra sweet. The bright lemon yellow cucumber fruits are excellent in salads and for pickling. You can also pick lemon cucumbers when they are golf ball size for the best texture and flavor, or wait 65 days until they reach full size.

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How to Grow Lemon Cucumber from Seed


# 1 | Once the air temperatures stay consistently between 65-75 degrees F, prepare to plant your lemon cucumber seeds outdoors. Find a spot where the lemon cucumbers will receive full sun.


# 2 | Plant 3-4 lemon cucumber seeds about 1/2 inch deep in the soil. Keep the soil consistently moist


# 3 | Lemon cucumber seedlings should emerge within 7-14 days. Lemon cucumbers cannot handle any frost, so if cold temperatures threaten once your seedlings have emerged, cover the seedlings.


#4| (Optional) Cucumbers love to climb, so providing a trellis will save space in your garden and will also yield straighter cucumbers. Some people also pair lemon cucumbers with corn in their garden and the cucumbers will climb the corn stalks.


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