How to Grow Maca From Seeds

How to Grow Maca From Seeds

Maca is a tough and tolerant plant. Maca can survive in poor soils, wind, flooding, drought, cold temperatures, and even surprisingly warm temperatures (into the upper 80's at least). However, if you want your Maca to quickly grow roots with good flavor, you are going to need to keep them consistently watered and make sure to plant them in high-quality soil. Long exposure of mature roots to wet soil degrades their quality, so keep your maca beds well watered but also well-drained.

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How To Grow Maca From Seeds


# 1 | Prepare your planting area. Prepare a moist flat area. Sow seeds directly into the garden after the last date of frost in your area. Scatter your Maca seeds on the surface of the soil and gently press them into the surface with the palm of your hands.


# 2 | Keep your Maca seeds evenly moist until germination. Look for seedlings to begin to emerge in 14-21 days.


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