How To Grow Money Plants From Seeds

How To Grow Money Plants From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own money plants!


Growing Money Plant Seeds

Money Plant is a biennial plant that blooms into silvery white, flattened, disc-like seed pods. The Money Plant blooms with clusters of purple flowers in spring and makes white pods the second summer after seeds are sown.


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Growing Your Money Plant Seeds In 5 Simple Steps


# 1 - Direct sow your money plant seeds in sunny or very lightly shaded location after the danger of last frost in your area has passed.

# 2 - Sow evenly and cover with 1/4 inch of fine soil.

# 4 - Lightly press soil and keep your planting area evenly moist, but ensure you don't over soak.

# 5 - Your money plant seedlings will emerge in 14-21 days depending on soil and weather conditions.


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