How to Grow Montpellier Maple Trees from Seed!

How to Grow Montpellier Maple Trees from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your own Montpellier Maple Tree from seeds!


If you are planting Montpellier maple trees, select a site in full sun for best results. A montpellier maple tree will grow best in deep, well-drained soil. The soil should be acidic to slightly alkaline.


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How to Grow Montpellier Maple Tree Seeds!


# 1 | Soak your Montpellier maple tree seeds in water for 24-hours.


# 2 | Mix 1-part moist peat moss with 1-part moist sand (do not get the medium too wet or seed will rot).


# 3 | Place peat/sand mixture in a zip-lock bag and push seeds into the mixture. Place the bag inside a refrigerator for 60-90 days. Check your bag daily to allow fresh air and ensure the mixture is moist.


#4 | Remove after cold stratification and sow your montpellier maple seeds 1/4 inch deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seedbed. Only water if the seedbed becomes dry.


A fall sowing in mulched beds is preferred to artificial stratification.


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