How to Grow Orange Cone Flower From Seeds

How to Grow Orange Cone Flower From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your Echinacea seeds!


Echinacea is medicinal herb that many people take to boost their immune systems. Echinacea a member of the daisy family is also known as the American coneflower.


Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea are tough, little, American native perennial flowers. These brightly colored flowers attract butterflies, bees, birds, and friendly bugs to your garden. Coneflowers are fairly trouble-free and drought-tolerant once they are established. Coneflowers prefer well-drained soil and full sun in order to yield the best bloom, so its best you choose a location where the coneflowers won’t get shade. Coneflowers are very tolerant of poor soil conditions, but they perform best in soil that is rich, so you may mix in organic matter if you’d like!

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How To Grow Echinacea From Seeds


# 1 | Pick your planting location. Coneflowers should be planted in the spring or early summer, when the soil temperature has reached at least 65 degrees fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius)


# 2 | Plant each seed about 1-3 feet apart. Gently press the seeds into moist soil, making sure they do not go too deep, as they need sunlight to germinate.


# 3 | Seedlings should appear 14-30 days.


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