How to Grow Pecan Trees From Seeds

How to Grow Pecan Trees From Seeds

Growing pecan trees from seed can take a little bit of patience. Pecan trees do require a little extra attention the first few years. If you are growing your pecan to produce nuts and not just to provide shade, you will want to plant more than one so they can cross-pollinate.

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How To Grow Pecan Trees From Seeds

# 1 | soak your pecan seeds in a bowl or tub of water for 48-72 hours (until seeds absorb enough water to sink). The water will need to be changed every 8 hours while soaking, or you can use an aquarium air pump in the bottom of the container to keep oxygen in the water.

# 2 | Place the pecan seeds in a plastic sandwich bag and fill with damp vermiculite. This should be damp to the touch but not dripping wet. Place the bag in the refrigerator for three months, checking frequently to make sure it does not dry out. If it starts to become dry, add a teaspoon of water at a time to dampen it again.

# 3 | Take the pecan seeds out after the three months and plant each 3 inches deep in a mound of dirt. Pecan trees like rich soil, so dig out some soil and mix with some potting soil and compost before planting your pecan seed. Pick a spot that has full sun and keep the soil damp. Watch for germination about 30-45 days.

 # 4 | Water your pecan seedling every morning during the growing season and water deeply at least once a week. Pecan trees grow deep root systems and the roots grow quickly during the first couple of years.