How to Grow Red Okra from Seed!

How to Grow Red Okra from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Red Okra Seeds!


Red Okra are torpedo shaped and grow typically two to five inches long. These plants offer a unique flavor and texture to eat and also proved a bright color into your garden!


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How to Grow Red Okra!


# 1 | 24 hours before you plan on planting your okra seeds, soak them overnight. This will encourage a faster germination!


# 2 | Plant 2-3 seeds in one peat pot and keep them at 80-90 degrees F until germination, which should be 7-15 days.


# 3 | Thin to the strongest plant by cutting off the rest. When the air temperature reaches a consistent 60 degrees F, plant the seedlings in full sun 12-15" apart in rows 3' apart.


#4 | When the seedlings reach a height of 4", apply mulch to conserve moisture and control weeds. Keep the plants moist during dry weather. In cooler weather it may be necessary to apply black plastic or row covers for adequate heat.


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