How to Grow Siberian Pea Shrubs From Seed!

How to Grow Siberian Pea Shrubs From Seed!

The Siberian pea shrub is a deciduous, tough drought and cold tolerant shrub. This nitrogen-fixing shrub blooms with yellow flowers in spring that mature into edible pods. The Siberian pea shrub is often used for windbreaks, hedges, and erosion control. The Siberian pea shrub grows up to 15 feet tall.


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Step by Step How to Grow Siberian Pea Shrub From Seeds!


  1. Take a paper towels and moisten it with taap water. Ensure the towel is moist but not soaking.

  2. Place four or five seeds on top of the paper and fold the other half over the seeds.

  3. Blow open a clear zip-lock bag.

  4. Place the paper towel with seeds inside the bag and seal the zip-lock.

  5. Set the bag anywhere out of direct sunlight that stays at room temperature. The bag will act like a miniature greenhouse that retains heat and moisture. You should observe seeds sprouting in about 10 to 15 days.

  6. Once sprouted the delicate, sprouted seeds must be transplanted manually to soil or another moisture-holding medium such as vermiculite. The main root is very delicate and should not be touched. Use tweezers on the seed body when moving them to moist soil.

  7. Do not push the seed into the soil. Instead, make a hole in the soil for the entire root, hold it in place and push soil gently over it. If the seed is already showing true leaves, make sure those remain above the soil.


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