How To Grow Spiked Speedwell Veronica From Seeds

How To Grow Spiked Speedwell Veronica From Seeds

Speedwell plants are easy to care for perennial that form lush ground-cover and produce dense clusters of flowers. Sow your creeping speedwell seeds indoors 8 - 10 weeks before planting outside. For ideal results with your speedwell seeds, you'll want to use a starter mix with plenty of peat moss.



How To Grow Creeping Speedwell From Seeds in 3 Easy Steps


#1 | Lightly sow the very small speedwell seeds on the surface of your planting mix, and gently press the seeds into the mix. Light is needed for germination and the seeds also need to remain consistently moist until germination in 1-2 weeks.


#2 | Place your speedwell in a well light area, but not directly in the sun, and check the planting bed two times daily to ensure it never dries out.


#3 | After frost season in your area has passed, you may transplant your speedwell outdoors. You may also wait until frost season has passed and sow your creeping speedwell seeds outside directly. Keep in mind the seeds are very small and can easily be blown away. Prepare a weed free area in an area protected from the wind. Sow the seed on the planting surface and keep it moist.