How to Grow Sugar Maple Trees from Seed!

How to Grow Sugar Maple Trees from Seed!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your Sugar Maple Tree!


If you are planting sugar maple trees, select a site in full sun for best results. The tree will also grow in partial sun, with at least four hours of direct, unfiltered sun every day. A sugar maple tree growing in deep, well-drained soil is happiest. The soil should be acidic to slightly alkaline.


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How to Grow Sugar Maple Tree Seeds!


# 1 | 48 hours before you plan on planting your sugar maple trees, soak your seeds in water.


# 2 | Plant each seed in a seed-starting medium in a small planter. Cover the seed with 1/4 to 1 inch of the soil mixture. Moisten the soil thoroughly, and cover the planter with plastic film.


# 3 | Stratify the sugar maple seed using your refrigerator or other cold location with temperatures between 33 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the seed to stratify for up to 90 days, checking weekly for germination.


#4 | Remove the planter from the cold, and take off the plastic film when germination occurs. Place the planter in a warm location with indirect sunlight to stimulate growth. Keep the soil moist.


#5| Transplant the sugar maple seedling to a larger pot when true leaves develop. Place the planter outside where it will receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Check the soil at least twice per week for moisture levels. Water when the soil feels dry in the top layer. Give the tree seedling enough water to keep the soil slightly moist, but allow excess water to drain to avoid soggy conditions.


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