How to Grow Watercress From Seeds

How to Grow Watercress From Seeds


Watercress is a perennial that grows partially submerged in running water and flooded areas. Watercress grows well in moderately cool climates, and if you have a water feature in your landscape, this is a great place to cultivate watercress. But if not, watercress can also be grown well in consistently wet soil in full sun.


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Growing Watercress in 4 Easy Steps


# 1 | Choose a sunny location, and amend the soil with 4-6 inches of composted organic matter. Dig out a 6 inch furrow, and line it with composted soil or peat moss.


#2 | This plant germinates the best in cool conditions (50-60 degrees fahrenheiht) so sow the seeds three weeks before the frost-free date for your area. Keep the planting area moist, but not covered with water.


#3 | Seedlings will appear in about five days.


#4 | Consistent moisture is the number one concern in the care of watercress, so keep the soil most as often as possible.


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