How to Grow Wintergreen From Seeds

How to Grow Wintergreen From Seeds

Wintergreen is a perky little Evergreen ground-cover that can add life to your landscape even in the middle of winter. Gaultheria, or wintergreen, has mint scented leaves and edible berries. Wintergreen is perfect for cooler regions and is native to North America.


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How To Grow Wintergreen From Seeds


# 1 | Soak your Wintergreen seeds for 24 hours, stirring them occasionally. Strain the water, and collect your wintergreen seeds.


# 2 | Place your Wintergreen seeds between moist paper towels. Then place inside a plastic bag and refrigerated for 30-90 days. Your Wintergreen seeds may begin to germinate within the towel. If they do you will see small root tips emerging from the seeds. Carefully remove the seeds before planting in either peat pots or similar containers, or if the season is opportune - directly into the ground. Keep the seedlings and non-germinated seeds persistently moist, not wet just moist. Do not allow soil to dry out.


# 3 | If seeds haven't germinated during the cold phase, plant or place them in a cool but brightly lit location 1/8 in deep. Seeds should sprout in 1 to 2 months. Wintergreen is a slow growing plant.


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