How to Grow Wormwood From Seeds

How to Grow Wormwood From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own Wormwood herb!


Wormwood is a finely-divided foliage that is gray-green in color and very aromatic! In bloom, wormwood produces bright yellow flowers. Wormwood is a hearty herb plant that can tolerate cold temperatures and poor soils. This herb thrives in partial shade during the hottest part of the day and for it to thrive it should also be given plenty of space from other herbs in the garden, because wormwood contains a chemical that can be toxic to other plants. Water your wormwood only when the soil has dried out.

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How To Grow Wormwood From Seeds


# 1 | Start wormwood seeds inside. Sow the wormwood seeds into moist soil. Select a location in partial sunlight, where the plants will be in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Keep the soil watered adequately.


# 2 | Seedlings should sprout in 2-4 weeks


# 3 | Transplant your wormwood seedlings outdoors after any chance of frost has passed in your area.


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