How to Grow Yellow Yarrow From Seeds!

How to Grow Yellow Yarrow From Seeds!

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your yellow yarrow seeds!


Native to the Caucasus mountains gold yarrow has long been cultivated for its beautiful and fragrant fern-like foliage, and bright long-lasting flower blooms. Yellow yarrow also grows taller and blooms sooner than other types of Yarrow.


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How to Grow Yellow Yarrow Seeds


#1 | Direct sow your yarrow seeds in fall or early spring. When planting your yarrow seeds in the fall, they will remain dormant until spring. Make sure to plant your yarrow seeds on the surface of the soil since yarrow seeds need light to germinate. For ideal germination, your soil temperature should be between 65-75 degrees F. Spring seeds should be kept evenly moist until germination which will occur in 12-18 days.


# 2 | While your yarrow plants are young they should be watered to help them establish a deep root system, however watering should be tapered as too much watering of mature plants can cause stem and root rot. Yellow yarrow grows best in sandy well-drained soil and is very tolerant of drought conditions.


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