How to Grow Your Moringa Tree Seedling

How to Grow Your Moringa Tree Seedling

The quick and convenient step by step guide to growing your moringa tree seedlings.


Once you've received your moringa tree seedlings you'll want to allow them to recover from the shipping stress. Your seedling is likely to look a little wilted and stressed. This is normal and absolutely ok! Once your seedlings have perked back up. (Usually in 3-24 Hours)

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How to Plant Your Moringa Tree Seedling


# 1 | Moringa like full sun, so find a sunny spot. Water the area well 1-day before you plant your tree.


# 2 | In the late afternoon (5PM or later is best) dig a hole 3 times larger than your seedling tube. Place your seedling very carefully in the hole and gently press in the soil around your seedling.


# 3 | Water only lightly for the first few days. If your moringa seedlings fall over, tie them to a stick for support. Protect young saplings from termites and nematodes.


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