How to Plant Your American Plum Tree

How to Plant Your American Plum Tree

American Plum is a shrub or small tree 3-8 m (10-24 ft) tall and is usually forming thickets.

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How To Plant Your American Plum Tree


# 1 | Our American Plum Trees are shipped bare root & dormant, so the tops may appear dry. But they will come out of dormancy when the spring temperature gets warmer.


# 2 | If you feel unsure that your plant is alive, please do a gentle scratch test. Gently scratch a small amount of bark about one inch up from the base of the plant. If it is white or green under the bark it is alive!

# 3 | As you prepare your planting site, allow the roots to soak in water for 1-hour prior to planting. To grow your wild plum, choose a location in full sun, well-draining and offers rich nutrient-dense soil.


#4 | The American plum is a wonderful tree for wildlife food and habitat. It can also help with erosion control because their strong root system that holds the soil.


#5 | To plant your wild plum dig a hole deep enough (about 5-inches deeper than the root) so that the brittle taproot is not stressed, and wide enough that the entire root system is not compressed.


#6 | Backfill the hole a few inches at a time. Tamp the soil down with care so you don't damage the roots. Finish backfilling all of the way. Build a small berm, or hill, around the root zone to hold water in and direct it towards the plants.


#7 | Water your wild plum thoroughly. Allow the top 1 inch of soil to dry out between waterings.


#8 | Spread a 3-inch layer of wood, pine or bark mulch over the planting bed. Keep the mulch about 6 inches from the base of the plant to avoid introducing any disease or insect problems.

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