How to Plant Your Bare Root PawPaw Tree

How to Plant Your Bare Root PawPaw Tree

Pawpaws produce the largest native North American fruit. the fruit of the pawpaw has an incredible tropical flavor and a custard-like texture.

How To Grow Bare-Root PawPaw Trees


# 1 | Our Pawpaw trees are shipped bare root & dormant, so the tops may appear dry. But they will come out of dormancy when the spring temperature gets warmer.


# 2 | If you feel unsure that your plant is alive, please do a gentle scratch test. Gently scratch a small amount of bark about one inch up from the base of the plant. If it is white or green under the bark it is alive!

# 3 | As you prepare your planting site, allow the roots of the plant to be kept moist, Soaking the roots in water for 1-hour prior to planting will help survival. To grow your pawpaw tree, choose a location in full sun. It should be somewhat sheltered, either by a nearby building, fence, or shrubbery, because wind can damage your pawpaw.


#4 | Decide whether you are interested in fruit. To ensure a fruit crop you'll want to plant at least two pawpaws on your property (and three is even better). Your pawpaw trees should be planted 15-25 feet apart to ensure adequate space for growth, but close enough for pollination.


#5 | Dig a hole deep enough (about 6-inches deeper than the root) so that the brittle taproot is not stressed, and wide enough that the entire root system is not compressed. You can amend with peat moss if the soil is compacted.


#5 | Backfill the hole a few inches at a time. Tamp the soil down with care so you don't damage the roots. Finish backfilling all of the way. Build a small berm, or hill, around the root zone to hold water in and direct it towards the plants.


#6 | Water your pawpaw thoroughly. Keep the soil consistantly moist the first growing season to help the roots establish.


#7 | Spread a 3-inch layer of wood, pine or bark mulch over the planting bed. Keep the mulch about 6 inches from the base of the plant to avoid introducing any disease or insect problems.



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