Bottle Of Sacred Plant Co LABS KNF Accelerator input.

The Wild Sprint: Your Expedition with Sacred Plant Co's ACCELERATOR - LABS

You're on the starting block, the ancient chants of wisdom harmonizing with the pulsing rhythm of modern science. This is Sacred Plant Co's Ancient Wisdom line. Among this cacophony, ACCELERATOR, our Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum (LABS), acts as your coach, ready to propel you to new heights. This guide is your training manual, helping you conquer your garden with ACCELERATOR.


ACCELERATOR isn't just an organic compound. It's a potent cocktail of lactic acid bacteria, known for their incredible speed and efficiency. Made in the spirit of Korean Natural Farming (KNF), this magical elixir accelerates the decomposition of plant matter into readily usable nutrients, catalyzing plant growth, enhancing nutrient uptake, and improving soil health.

The High-Octane Fuel in ACCELERATOR

Every ingredient in ACCELERATOR has been hand-picked for maximum potency. It's like using the purest, high-octane fuel in a race. With an optimal balance of carbohydrates, protein, and minerals, it ensures your plants are always at peak performance.

The Stopwatch of Science Behind ACCELERATOR

At Sacred Plant Co, ACCELERATOR has sprinted against the stopwatch of modern science and finished with record-breaking times. Check out the proof of this athletic prowess on our 'See the Science' page:

  • The Speed of Growth:  ACCELERATOR speeds up growth rates, allowing plants to reach their full potential in record time.
  • Nutrient Relay: ACCELERATOR plays a critical role in the nutrient relay race, enhancing the plants' ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.
  • Fast-Acting Defense: Pests and diseases are left in the dust, as ACCELERATOR boosts yourt plants' natural defenses.

Lapping the Field: Using ACCELERATOR

  1. The Right Mix: ACCELERATOR is a potent formula. Dilute it before use, usually at a 1:1000 ratio (ACCELERATOR:Water). Adjust the mix based on your plants' current growth phase and needs.
  2. On Your Mark: ACCELERATOR is a champion during all stages of plant growth. It's your trusty coach, ready to guide your plants from the starting block to the finish line.
  3. Early Morning Workouts: The early morning or late evening is when ACCELERATOR is most effective. This is when your plants' stomata are wide open, ready to soak up this high-octane fuel.
  4. Direct Application: ACCELERATOR can be sprayed directly onto plants or mixed into the soil to work its magic from below.

The Track Team of Ancient Wisdom

ACCELERATOR is a key player in the Ancient Wisdom line's winning team, alongside GROWTH (FPJ), FRUIT & FLOWER (FFJ), MINERAL EXTRACT (WSC), and HERBAL DEFENSE (OHN). Together, they form an unbeatable lineup, providing your plants with comprehensive nutrition and care.

And let's not forget the importance of a well-maintained track. The practices of crop rotation and cover cropping prepare the soil, making it the perfect racing ground for ACCELERATOR.

Choosing ACCELERATOR isn’t just about selecting an organic nutrient supplement. It’s about joining a high-speed race where ancient wisdom and modern science accelerate the true potential of nature. So lace up, join Sacred Plant Co, and sprint ahead with ACCELERATOR. Watch as your garden transforms into a lush, thriving champion in record time.