To Grow Edelweiss From Seeds

To Grow Edelweiss From Seeds

The quick and convenient, step-by-step guide to growing your edelweiss seeds!


Edelweiss is a rugged flowering plant whose name means “noble” German. Edelweiss rugged qualities allow them to grow in many challenging environments.


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How To Grow Edelweiss From Seeds


# 1 | Store your edelweiss seeds in the freezer for 75-100 days to mimic the stratification they would receive in the wild.

# 2 | Edelweiss needs very good drainage and a pH that is slightly alkaline to medium acidity. If you are growing your edelweiss in a container, make a mixture of equal parts peat moss, sand and compost and fill your container. If you're going in ground, dig a hole 2 feet deep, by three feet wide and fill it with a mixture of equal parts peat moss, sand and compost.

# 3 | Sow your edelweiss seeds on the surface of your planting soil and then mist lightly. Keep your seeds damp until germination. Seeds should germinate in 18-21 days.


# 4 | Once your edelweiss plants are established, they will only need water during long droughts.


| #5 Cover your edelweiss plants with a thick layer of mulch in late fall and then pull it away in spring to allow new growth to come through.


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