Bottle of FFJ KNF Input FRUIT & FLOWER from Sacred Plant Co

Unleashing Nature's Symphony: Your Journey with Sacred Plant Co's 'FRUIT & FLOWER' - FFJ

You stand at the edge of a wild frontier, the gusts of Ancient Wisdom brushing past you, merging with the drumbeats of modern science. Welcome to Sacred Plant Co’s Ancient Wisdom line. Amidst this orchestra, FRUIT & FLOWER, our Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ) solution, plays the sweetest melody. This guide is your backstage pass to the wild performance of FRUIT & FLOWER.

The Song of FRUIT & FLOWER

FRUIT & FLOWER is more than just an organic elixir. It’s a riotous jam session of wild yeasts, beneficial microbes, and nutrient-packed fruit extracts, fine-tuned by the principles of Korean Natural Farming (KNF). It serenades your plants during their flowering and fruiting stage, ensuring a vibrant crescendo in their lifecycle.

The Rhythm of Science Behind FRUIT & FLOWER

At Sacred Plant Co, we've set the stage for FRUIT & FLOWER to face off with the uncompromising critique of modern science, and what a performance it has been! Check out the standing ovation on our 'See the Science' page:

  • Setting the Stage:  FRUIT & FLOWER raises the curtain on blooming and fruit set, driving a symphony of yields.
  • Harmonizing with Microbes: FRUIT & FLOWER hits the perfect harmony with soil microbes, ensuring your plants take in nutrients like fans at a rock concert.
  • Throwing Shade on Invaders: Pests and diseases tried to steal the spotlight, but FRUIT & FLOWER keeps your plants center stage, boosting their health and resilience.

Mastering the Beat: Using FRUIT & FLOWER

  1. Find Your Mix: FRUIT & FLOWER is a rockstar, best used diluted, typically at a 1:500 ratio (FRUIT & FLOWER:Water). You're the DJ here, so mix it to suit your plants' unique needs.
  2. The Big Number: When your plants start the big blooming and fruiting number, that's the cue for FRUIT & FLOWER. It's their backup singer, their driving rhythm.
  3. The Twilight Sessions: The early morning or late evening is when FRUIT & FLOWER takes center stage. That’s when your plant's stomata are wide open, soaking up every note of this nutrient-rich melody.
  4. Setlist: You can spray FRUIT & FLOWER directly onto flowers and fruits, or let it soak into the soil to hit those soil microbes and feed the plants from below.

The Symphony of Ancient Wisdom

In the Ancient Wisdom line's symphony, FRUIT & FLOWER plays in harmony with GROWTH (FPJ), MINERAL EXTRACT (WSC), ACCELERATOR (LABS), and HERBAL DEFENSE (OHN). Together, they orchestrate a comprehensive nutrient profile for your plants.

Don’t forget the unsung heroes of crop rotation and cover cropping. They enrich the soil and make it a perfect concert hall for FRUIT & FLOWER's performance.

Choosing FRUIT & FLOWER isn’t just about using an organic fertilizer. It's a ticket to an unprecedented concert where ancient wisdom and modern science create a sublime symphony. Welcome to the wild performance of FRUIT & FLOWER with Sacred Plant Co. Let's see where your journey takes you.