Discover Manatea: The Quintessence of Florida in a Cup

Discover Manatea: The Quintessence of Florida in a Cup

Welcome to the world of Manatea, a tea blend that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also brings you closer to the heart of Florida. At Sacred Plant Co, we've crafted this unique blend to capture the essence of the Sunshine State, making each sip an experience in itself.

Brewing Manatea: A Guide to Perfect Cups

Whether you prefer your tea hot or cold, Manatea offers a refreshing escape. Here's how to brew it to perfection:

Hot Brew Instructions:

  1. Measure: Take 10 grams of Manatea loose-leaf tea.
  2. Heat Water: Bring 236 ml of water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  3. Steep: Pour the hot water over the tea and let it steep for 4 minutes.
  4. Enjoy: After 4 minutes, strain the leaves and savor the warm, aromatic bliss of Florida.

Cold Brew Instructions:

  1. Measure: Use 15 grams of Manatea for a stronger flavor to withstand the cold brewing.
  2. Add Cold Water: Mix the tea leaves with 1 liter of cold water.
  3. Refrigerate: Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for 6-12 hours. The longer it steeps, the stronger the flavor.
  4. Serve: Strain the leaves and serve over ice. Add a slice of orange for an extra Florida touch!

The Essence of Florida in Ingredients

Each ingredient in Manatea has been thoughtfully selected to embody the spirit of Florida:

  • Nektaro Black Tea: This premium black tea from the Nilgiris mirrors the diverse and robust nature of Florida. Its slow oxidation process, akin to the laid-back Florida lifestyle, enhances its rich flavors.
  • Orange Peel: Nothing says Florida like oranges! The orange peel in Manatea adds a zesty, citrusy aroma, reminding one of the sprawling citrus groves of Florida.
  • Lemongrass: This ingredient nods to Florida's tropical climate, offering a refreshing and calming effect, much like a gentle Florida breeze.
  • Stevia: A natural sweetener, stevia represents Florida's sweet charm and adds a guilt-free sweetness to your cup.

Why Choose Manatea?

Manatea is more than just a tea; it's an experience of Florida's natural beauty and charm. Whether you're a local or dreaming of Florida's sunny shores, this tea is a way to connect with the state's essence. Each sip offers health benefits from the natural ingredients and takes you on a sensory journey through the Sunshine State.

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