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Sacred Plant Co

Tropical Mist Loose Leaf Green Tea | Chun Mei Style Green Tea | Premium Loose Leaf Green Tea

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Sacred Plant Co's Loose Leaf Green Tea: A Chinese Chun Mei Delicacy

Tasting Notes
Green Bamboo - Maize - Jasmine - Smoke

Unveiling Chun Mei: The Essence of Jiangxi's Green Tea

Sacred Plant Co's Tropical Mist Loose Leaf Green Tea delivers a fine rendition of traditional Chinese green tea, cultivated with care to create a nurturing taste and a pristine finish. This refined tea is a premium example of Chun Mei, originating from the lush Jiangxi province of China.

A Lighter Sip: The Delicate Profile of Tropical Mist

The Loose Leaf Green Tea provides a uniquely sweet and light infusion, distinguishing itself from the robust profiles of typical green teas. Its delicate flavor bouquet features hints of fresh green bamboo, tender maize, fragrant jasmine, and a whisper of smoke, making this tea a standout choice for connoisseurs.

Tropical Mist: Inspired by the Climes of Jiangxi

The tea owes its name to the Jiangxi region, a place where the subtropical climate blesses the tea gardens with a misty ambiance. Jiangxi's weather, marked by brief, cool, and moist winters, along with sweltering, humid summers, contributes to an annual rainfall of 47 to 75 inches. The abundant precipitation, particularly during the intense rains of late spring and summer, infuses the soil with richness, reflected in the exquisite quality of this Loose Leaf Green Tea.

Cultivation and Climate: The Terroir of Tropical Mist

The Jiangxi region's unique terroir, characterized by its high humidity and fertile conditions, provides the perfect setting for cultivating the exceptional leaves that become Sacred Plant Co's Tropical Mist. The subtropical climate engenders a slow growth process, allowing the tea leaves to develop a full-bodied flavor profile that is simultaneously sweet, light, and complex.

Tropical Mist: A Taste of Serenity

Each cup of Sacred Plant Co's Tropical Mist invites a moment of tranquility, as the subtle tasting notes dance on the palate, reminiscent of Jiangxi's serene tea groves. Whether it's the calming scent of jasmine or the grounding aroma of green bamboo, Tropical Mist is an invitation to a peaceful retreat with every sip.

Your Perfect Cup: Brewing Tropical Mist

To fully enjoy the nuanced flavors of Tropical Mist, steep the loose leaf green tea in just-below-boiling water for a few minutes. This gentle brewing method allows the tea's sweetness and lightness to shine, providing a refreshing and revitalizing tea experience that is sure to become a cherished part of your daily ritual.

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A 50-gram package of Sacred Plant Co Tropical Mist loose leaf green tea, featuring tasting notes of green bamboo, maize, jasmine, and smoke
Freshly scooped loose leaf green tea by Sacred Plant Co, displaying the textured Chun Mei leaves ready for steeping.
acred Plant Co presents a 100-gram bag of Tropical Mist, a loose leaf green tea blend with a light, sweet profile and aromatic notes.
The 250-gram package of Tropical Mist loose leaf green tea from Sacred Plant Co, offering a serene tea experience with natural flavors.
The reverse side of Sacred Plant Co&
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I can't say enough about this company. 5 stars in my book..all the way!


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Exactly what I needed & in a quality that was beyond expectations 🥰 I will be back.


Thanks for your consistently high quality products. Ginseng roots were great!