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Ease - Herbal Pain Relief Loose-Leaf Tea | Natural & Soothing

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Herbal Pain Relief Loose-Leaf Tea

Welcome to the world of Ease, a meticulously crafted loose-leaf herbal tea that embodies the essence of natural pain relief and relaxation. Our blend, born from the heart of I·M·POSSIBLE Farm, is a testament to the healing powers of nature and the art of regenerative farming.

A Harmonious Blend for Natural Relief

At the core of Ease is the revered Holy Basil, an ancient herb venerated for its anti-inflammatory properties and its remarkable ability to foster a sense of relaxation and well-being. This sacred herb, integral in Ayurvedic medicine, sets the foundation for our blend, infusing each cup with a balance of tranquility and therapeutic benefits.

Complementing Holy Basil is the inclusion of White Willow Bark, nature's answer to aspirin. Its natural pain-relieving qualities gently work to reduce discomfort, ensuring each sip is a step towards a serene and more comfortable state.

Rounding out our blend is a touch of Cinnamon, added not just for its warm and inviting aroma but also for its capability to enhance circulation and aid in inflammation reduction. This spice brings a sweet, comforting embrace to the tea, making each cup a delightful experience for the senses.

Sustainably Sourced, Carefully Crafted

Every ingredient in Ease is thoughtfully selected and sustainably sourced. We adhere to the principles of KNF (Korean Natural Farming) at I·M·POSSIBLE Farm, ensuring our practices support the earth and contribute to the regeneration of the land. This commitment to sustainability means that every cup of Ease not only offers a natural pathway to comfort but also aligns with environmentally conscious values.

A Cup Full of Sensory Delight

The experience of drinking Ease is akin to a gentle journey through a garden of healing herbs. The earthy notes of Holy Basil, the soothing whispers of White Willow Bark, and the sweet embrace of Cinnamon come together in a symphony of flavors and aromas. This blend is not just a tea; it's an invitation to a moment of peace and relief from the discomforts of life.

Steeping Perfection

To fully enjoy the benefits of Ease, steep it in hot water and allow the herbs to release their full potential. The brewing process unfolds the magic of the blend, revealing the intricate flavors and therapeutic properties. Each cup promises a gentle and natural way to ease discomfort and enhance well-being.

More Than Just a Pain-Relief Tea

Ease is more than a remedy for physical discomfort; it's a lifestyle choice for those who seek harmony and wellness in their daily lives. It's an ideal companion for quiet moments, whether you're starting your day, taking a break, or unwinding in the evening. Its natural ingredients support your body's own healing processes, providing a holistic approach to well-being.

A Commitment to Quality and Purity

At Sacred Plant Co, we are dedicated to offering products that reflect our deep respect for nature and health. Ease is a reflection of this commitment, free from synthetic additives and artificial flavors. We believe in the purity of our blend and the power of natural remedies to provide relief and comfort.

Join the Journey to Comfort and Tranquility

We invite you to experience the soothing embrace of Ease. Whether you're dealing with daily stress, seeking natural pain relief, or simply looking for a moment of tranquility, this herbal tea is your gateway to a world of comfort and peace.

Embrace the natural, gentle path to well-being with Ease. Savor each cup and let the blend's therapeutic qualities guide you towards a state of relaxed comfort and rejuvenation. Welcome to the serene journey that Ease offers – a journey to comfort, one cup at a time.

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I can't say enough about this company. 5 stars in my book..all the way!


The quality= Excellent
Packaging = Excellent
Shipping =Excellent
Exactly what I needed & in a quality that was beyond expectations 🥰 I will be back.


Thanks for your consistently high quality products. Ginseng roots were great!