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Sacred Plant Co

Wild Colorado Tea - Slide Rock Bolter Mythical Colorado Tea

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Embark on a legendary journey with our Wild Colorado Tea, inspired by the mythical Slide Rock Bolter of Colorado's western slopes. This exquisite blend of Nettle, Lemon Balm, and Yarrow creates a light, earthy, herbal infusion that not only nourishes your soul but also warms you up on the chilliest Colorado days.


  • Lemon Balm: Renowned for its calming effects and citrusy aroma, it adds a hint of zest to the tea.
  • Nettle: Known for its rich mineral content and health benefits, nettle imparts a deep, earthy flavor.
  • Yarrow: Prized for its potential wellness properties, yarrow rounds off the blend with a subtle, spicy note.

The Legend: In the steep mountains of Colorado's western slope, the fabled Slide Rock Bolter lurks. Weighing a massive 25,000 pounds, this land fish is a sight to behold with its gigantic head and a flipper-tail equipped with enormous grab-hooks. It clings to mountain ridges, waiting motionlessly for days, preying on unsuspecting tourists or creatures that wander below. Once its prey is in sight, the Bolter releases its tail, swiftly descending the slope to engulf its prey whole - MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH!

Special Benefit: According to local lore, sipping this Wild Colorado Tea provides mystical protection against the Slide Rock Bolter. So no matter where your day takes you, enjoy a cup of this earthy blend and stay safe from mythical mountain predators!

Brewing Instructions: Steep this delightful blend for 5 minutes to unlock its full flavor profile. For an added touch of zest, serve with a slice of lemon.

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    Kraft paper tea packaging from Sacred Plant Co against a white background, featuring a mountain logo and &
    Three brown ceramic cups of Slide Rock Bolter Wild Colorado Tea sit on a teal blue wooden table, each with a unique floral garnish. A bowl of dried herbs and flowers accompanies them, set against a backdrop of scattered yellow and green botanicals, invoking the natural essence of Colorado&
    A kraft paper pouch from Sacred Plant Co showcases their Slide Rock Bolter Wild Colorado Tea. The clean, white background accentuates the pouch&
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    I can't say enough about this company. 5 stars in my book..all the way!


    The quality= Excellent
    Packaging = Excellent
    Shipping =Excellent
    Exactly what I needed & in a quality that was beyond expectations 🥰 I will be back.


    Thanks for your consistently high quality products. Ginseng roots were great!