Grow Floridade Heirloom Tomatoes From Seeds

Grow Floridade Heirloom Tomatoes From Seeds

Floridade Heirloom Tomatoes does well in hot, humid climates. The red tomatoes weigh about 6 Oz and grow on determinate vines. They are firm and have good flavor, making a good choice for home gardens and market growers. The floridade tomatoes are ready in 80 days.

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How to Grow Floridade Tomatoes from Seed


# 1 | Start tomatoes indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost of spring, sow your Floridade tomatoes seeds in a flat 1/4" deep and 1" apart. Keep the temperature near 70-75 degrees F until germination. Make sure you provide bright light but not direct sun. Keep the planting soil moist, but make sure drainage is adequate.


# 2 | Your Floridade tomatoes seeds will germinate in 10-20 days. When the second set of leaves emerge, transplant your Floridade tomatoes seedlings into individual pots; bury the stems up to the lowest set of leaves to make sure your tomatoes grow strong roots.


# 3 | A week before planting your Floridade tomato seedlings outside, begin exposing them to the weather during the day to harden them off. Tomatoes cannot endure cold weather, so make sure you do not transplant outside until all threat of frost has passed.


# 4 | When the soil temperature reaches at least 70 degrees F, plant the seedlings in full sun and very rich soil; once more, bury the entire stem up to the lowest set of leaves. If providing a trellis, space the plants 2' apart, but if allowing the vines to spread, space the plants 3-4' apart.


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