Growing a Date Palm Tree From Seed

Growing a Date Palm Tree From Seed

Once you have your High Quality Date Palm Seeds you are ready to grow a date palm tree.

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Growing a Date Palm Tree From Date Seed in 5 Steps


1. Place your date seeds in a small dish covered with luke warm water. Soak your date seeds for 4-7 days. Your date seeds will do best if you change out the water for fresh water once a day.


2. After soaking your date palm seeds for 4-7 days, rinse them well and place your date palm seeds in a damp (not soaking wet) paper towel. Fold the towel in half so your date palm seeds are sandwiched between the two halves.


3. Place the date palm seeds in the paper-towel into a plastic bag, seal the bag and place it in a warm spot.


4. In 21-30 days your date palm seeds will sprout roots.


5. Plant your sprouted date palm seeds in potting soil. Keep the soil slightly damp, but don't over water. Cover loosely with plastic place your date palms in a warm place until your date palm leaves begin to appear.


Ideal Growing Conditions For Date Palm Trees

Dates Trees Prefer:

  • Well-drained, loose soil

  • Slightly dry soil

  • High magnesium soils

  • Full sun

  • Fertilize every second year with magnesium sulfate

  • Zone 9 to 11 (outdoors)

  • Hardy to 20˚F (- 6˚C)

  • Protect newly planted date palms from frost


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