How to Grow Quaking Aspen Trees From Seeds

How to Grow Quaking Aspen Trees From Seeds

Aspen trees are one of the most widely distributed tree in North America, growing from Canada, throughout the U.S. and into Mexico. They also make great additions to your home garden.


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Growing Quaking Aspen Trees in 4 Easy Steps

# 1 | Soak seeds in cold water for 6-hours.


# 2 | Add soil to a small 4-inch pot. Moisten the soil and sprinkle your aspen seeds on top.

#3 | Gentle press your aspen seeds into the soil and place the 4-inch pot in a large ziplock bag. Place bag in fridge for 60-75 days. Check to ensure the soil stays moist but not dripping wet.


#3 | Remove from fridge and place pot in a cool place with indirect light.

#4 | Make sure your soil stays moist. You should see your seedlings begin to sprout in 12-24 days after new placement.


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