Growing a Moringa Tree From Seeds

Growing a Moringa Tree From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own Moringa Trees!


Growing A Moringa Tree From Seed


Moringa trees AKA 'Ben Oil Trees' are cultivated all over the world for their highly valued edible leaves, roots and bark. Moringa trees are sought after because they are extremely high in nutrients and minerals. However the Moringa tree isn't just a nutritious plant, they are also known for their their beautiful ornamental features.


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Growing Your Moringa Tree From Seed In 4 Simple Steps


# It is best to plant your Moringa seeds directly where you'd like your tree to grow. The young moringa seedlings are fragile and often struggle when transplanted. Choose an area with light organic or sandy soil that is well draining and not heavy with clay.


# 2 Dig a hole 1 foot (30 cm) square and 1 foot deep. Back-fill the hole with loose soil mixed with compost or manure. Once back filled, plant 3 to 5 seeds 1/2 inch deep.


#3 Keep the soil moist enough so that the top soil is not dry but be careful not to overwater.


#4 When your moringa saplings are four to six inches tall, keep the healthiest sapling in the ground and remove the rest.



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