How To Grow a Eucalyptus Tree From Seeds

How To Grow a Eucalyptus Tree From Seeds

The quick and convenient guide to growing your very own Eucalyptus Tree From Seeds!


Growing Eucalyptus Tree From Seeds

Growing mature sacred fig trees from seeds can be a little tricky, but don't worry this guide to growing a sacred fig tree from seeds will help you through the process in 4 simple steps.


Growing Your Sacred Fig Tree From Seed In 4 Simple Steps


# 1 | Sow your Eucalyptus seed indoors into a starter tray. Press the Eucalyptus seeds into a moist soil mix and lightly cover them with sand.


# 2 | Keep the seeds constantly moist by watering from underneath until germination.


# 3 | Check the soil every day, making sure to keep it moist. Eucalyptus seeds are slow to germinate. Germination usually takes 50-75 days.


# 4 | Once your Eucalyptus seedling is 4 - 5 inches tall, transplant it into container. Use a 1 - 2 gallon container with potting mix


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